Conversations with S and J led to the beginnings of a new exploration of the decorative clasps found within the vanity case.  Initial drawings on paper and fabric began by enlarging the pieces through mono-prints to focus on pattern and shape.


A making day at OHS enabled new print processes to be explored working alongside S and J.

The original lino was inked and printed through a press using oil based inks onto handkerchiefs, dressmaking pattern pieces and printed papers.  Cine Colle was explored further by making use of sections of printed fabrics belonging to my maternal grandmother positioned as the remaining jewels  within the brooch.

The number of prints made was recorded on a sheet of newsprint on the press.  The overlapping of individual shapes created a new pattern and perhaps represents the many times the brooch was worn?



Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s: An inventory of objects belonging to V’s vanity case.

A two-sided printed and stitched concertina catalogue produced to document 108 items found within V’s vanity case.

The inventory is contained within the pattern of the printed lining of the vanity case and located behind the missing mirror.  Drawing upon detailed cataloguing systems, the book alphabetically records  14 groups of jewellery related items.  Handkerchief pattern inspired photograms sit alongside museum labels which enable a description of each group, number of parts and the location where the case was found to be listed.



Exploring the potential of  text, image, scale and surface in preparation for new textiles and artists’ books


A tiny letter charm found by P the vanity case provided a connection to Vera and an opportunity to explore  pattern through a single motif monogram to represent Vera.

IMG_4093 IMG_4094


Real and imagined moments in time captured through the addition of screen printed images of Vera’s broach onto photographs and clothing pattern pieces.


Re-uniting the imagined and real history of Vera’s broach through the process of chine colle.  The production of an enlarged relief print enabled a greater investigation into shape and pattern making.  IMG_3993IMG_3992

The remaining ten jewels worn by Vera